• What raw material do you work wtih ?

    We work with 925 sterling silver, gold and brass.

  • Where do you export ?

    All over the countries

  • Which certificate Dwarka Jewel have ?

    ● ISO certificate 9001 since 2015, for organizations wishing to continuously improve customer
    ● Compliance certificate, compliance which ensuring that consumers in the importing countries are
    protected against harmful or substandard products.

  • Can I visit your showroom and factory ?

    Yes, all you have to do is make an appointment and email us at info@dwarkajewel.com

  • Do you do vermeil jewelry ?


  • What micron is vermail jewelry ?

    2.5 microns
    We do 1 - 2 - 3 microns

  • What is the cost of making a sample ?

    The mold charge is from 25 to $50 including CAD design. After the approval of CAD, we can quote you the production price.
    The 1PC cost is mold charges + 1 PC = production cost

  • How the payment term work ?

    After confirmation of the receipt - an account of 50% of the order amount and 50% before the shipping.

  • Process of new samples

    ● After receive the advance
    ● We make CAD design and email you for your confirmation
    ● In case there is any change, we do another CAD and mail you again
    ● Once it is approved, we start making the mold of IST piece
    ● We mail IST production PC for approval before build the production

  • What is the process of making new collection ?

    ● We need a refence photo
    ● length, width, dimensions, highness
    ● stones to be used, cut or cab, size of stone
    ● plating type, gold shiny or matt, silver shiny or matt or oxidase
    ● target price (if you have)
    ● metal you want to use ? Silver, gold, brass
    We can only process once we have all information above

  • How long does it take to make samples ?

    From the approval of CAD it takes 2 weeks
    The CAD design take 1 week

  • How long for the production in quantity ?

    4-6 weeks after approval of samples

  • What is the supply cost ?

    Minimum cost is $50, and then it depends on the weigh and size of the package

  • Do you provide all gemstones ?

    Yes, we have most of the stones in the house

  • What is your MOQ ?

    25 pieces per design, but it can be in 3 different stones or 3 different ring sizes in silver and in brass 100 pcs. In gold the MOQ is 1 to 5 pcs, depending on the design.

  • How long shipping takes ?

    It takes 5 working days to arrive to the destination

  • How do you send it ? It is ensured ?

    Yes it is ensured, we send by UPS or Fed Ex

  • How can I pay ?

    You can wire transfer bank to bank
    You can PayPal up to 200$